Informal Education In Museums: Impact on Students

WHAT IS A MUSEUM? A Museum is a storehouse of antique objects of history and heritage. It’s an institution serving society that displays historical, economic, social, artistic and cultural significance objects. It is in-house, open-air or virtual, conserves objects and exhibits its collection for everyday people. It also functions to disseminate knowledge among the masses. […]

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Commemorating the ‘Terrible’ Eulogising the ‘Blessed’

Nestled at the geometric centre of Moscow, Russia and gracing the southern side of the renowned ‘Red Square’, is a 16th century cathedral built to commemorate the victories of the first Tsar of Russia, Ivan IV, against the Tartars. This magnificent cathedral, popularly known as Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, can be easily mistaken as something straight out of the Aladdin movie in view of its enthralling architecture and colours. It’s not just the architecture of the cathedral but its own distinctive and entrancing history.

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Remarkable Collection of Maharaja Banaras Vidya Mandir Museum

One of the oldest living city of India, Varanasi, formerly known as Banaras or Kashi, houses a variety of intangible as well as tangible heritage. The heterogeneous nature of the city attracts thousands of tourists all around the year. Situated amidst this assorted set up is the Ramnagar Fort. The architecture of the fort aptly

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Uninhibited Roles of a Museum

The derivation of the term museum accentuates a wide range of meanings and intricacies of subjects. Museums explicitly contain implications of cultural, sociological, historical, religious aspects of the society. They are not merely a repository of items but disseminate the collections through knowledge and information. In order to do so, museums have evolved over the

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