About Us

Our innate desire to travel and gather stories proved out to be the seed for the establishment of this NGO. We started to identify cultural symbolism and ethics as we travelled from cities to smaller villages. As we ventured, we developed a thought process of recognizing and finding gaps which at times hinder our true knowledge and understanding of the culture we are part of. Our core team hails from an academic background in Conservation and Heritage Management, which helped us gain a theoretical as well as practical mind-set towards heritage. Gaining experience through projects which spanned from conservation of art objects to museum mechanism, from identification of unprotected monuments to discovering landscape archaeological features, we take it as our responsibility to bring forth such beautiful diversity to people.

The core focus of the NGO is to create an accessible channel, a repository place to understand our heritage. It is something which people of all age-groups can experience with different sense of appreciation and learning. Heritage tells us stories, which gives us a hint deep into the mind-sets of people to create something beautiful, experience a heightened sense of belongingness to landscape and do best with whatever resources they had. This NGO is a place to recognize such active use of resources which have defined historical processes. Our team comprises of people having background and understanding of conservation aspects, museological commencements, and heritage awareness and structuring landscape archaeology. We believe that understanding and availing culture for what it is can open huge insights for various fields. The notion of heritage transcends itself into various disciplines, sometimes discipline which aren’t acknowledge much these days, yet its importance will be there for a long time.

We chose RATH, as its duel meaning truly captures our objective. RATH, is a Hindi word which means, chariot. Something which has wheels and used for transportation. It presents a visual in itself of what we thrive to achieve through this NGO, an experiential transportation of cultural stories to people. We want to transport, connect and acknowledge what we have in our cultural repository.

As we proceed forward towards establishing our mission, we identified three aspects which if worked upon can bring an effective and important change on how we look, approach and what we take from heritage.


It is important to develop a mind-set which is capable of identifying and appreciate what was, and how it got intertwined with people’s life to get the true taste of life experiences. With a help of streamlined dialogue, we strive to create an atmosphere of inclusivity of culture and its practices. The intellect of appreciation is often lost within the complex life of individuals, and hence we wish to inter-connect diversities.


One of our primary objective is to establish a medium which can connect people socially and metaphysically to an object of culture. A connection directed with means of involvement, inclusivity and dialogue delivery and most importantly appealing to something local.


We take a serious responsibility to bring forth culture to people which can be said in irony as simply put, people are culture themselves! We aim to transform what we can give to our heritage and what we can take from it, a prospect which keeps on changing and yet is never-ending.