Our Services

As conscientious and well-seasoned professionals, we aver that we uphold our responsibilities as heritage conservators and managers in every service that we provide and each project that we take on. Our services are multi-disciplinary and ever revising with the latest trends. As RATH, our focus is on holistic and sensory development of culture and heritage. In order to do so, we provide services in the following sector:

1. Conservation of-

  • Tangible Heritage (cultural properties and structures)
  • Intangible Heritage (preservation of folk art and culture)

  2. Museum Services-

  • Archiving and documentation
  • Exhibition designing
  • Catalogue designing
  • Service Management
  • Build Visitor’ Participation through Audience Engagement Programs

3. Integrated Educational Programs-

  • Organize cultural seminars and workshops in educational institutions
  • Design heritage walks along unexplored heritage trails
  • Design museum corners for multi-sensory learning experience.
  • Design syllabus/ course centric certification courses.

4. Sustainable Heritage Tourism Planning-

  • Create theme specific heritage trails
  • Organize natural and heritage travel plans