Taggers – Restage Heritage

Are you someone who loves to travel and explore the unknown? Do you have an eye for detail and want the world to see through your lens?

Taggers- Restage Heritage initiative is a step towards stirring an emotion of inclusivity in the minds of people towards their heritage. If you have come across a hidden structure or tradition, and want to place it on the map, capture your experience through your lens and write to us. Do not shy away from exploring new domains! Your entries can also include personal heritage (personal collection, ancestral collection, family traditions and rituals) that has been in your family from ages. After all, we are all about recognizing heritage!

Send us photographs and information (download the documentation form from the given link) of your entries at ‘[email protected]’. Mention ‘Heritage on RATH’ in the subject line.


It is not compulsory to send entries in particular category such as only sculptures, only monuments or only festivals, rituals, folk dance etc. Participants are free to send entries in mixed categories. One can earn different level of certificate by participating multiple times. But you must attest previous level certificate along with entry. It is however mandatory to send all entries through the same email.

We will upload your work on our website along with due credits. We would also be sharing the post on our social media handles so do not forget to mention your personal social media account handles in the email.

*Once your entries will be verified by our team you will receive an e-certificate through email. If we find any discrepancy in your entry (not suitable, wrong information, copyright violation of photographs, plagiarism of content or already covered by other participants), it will not be uploaded. You will be notified about the same and you can send in alternate entries.

Happy Tagging!

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