Delhi Heritage: Top 10 Baolis by Vikramjit Singh Rooprai

Published by Niyogi Books Pvt Ltd. Picture Credits: Srilagna Majumdar “We are creating newer and newer methods to exhaust our resources…and one of these resources is water…the proposal to use step-wells as aquifers and to divert rainwater run-off into them might be one way of, at least, partially reversing the unending cycle of continuous exploitation of

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Commemorating the ‘Terrible’ Eulogising the ‘Blessed’

Nestled at the geometric centre of Moscow, Russia and gracing the southern side of the renowned ‘Red Square’, is a 16th century cathedral built to commemorate the victories of the first Tsar of Russia, Ivan IV, against the Tartars. This magnificent cathedral, popularly known as Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, can be easily mistaken as something straight out of the Aladdin movie in view of its enthralling architecture and colours. It’s not just the architecture of the cathedral but its own distinctive and entrancing history.

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